Examining The Often Overlooked Wonder Of Bridges, Overpasses And Viaducts

Dangling high above the rest of us, they forge connections from here to there, and sometimes, from then to now. Bridges aren't just architectural structures but symbolic frameworks, imparting visions of interconnectedness, unity and opportunity in their very anatomy.


As such, it's no great surprise that artists have repeatedly returned to the bridge as a source of inspiration and possibility. Leo Villareal turned San Francisco's Bay Bridge into an unlikely canvas with his living light installation "The Bay Lights", while street artist Judith Supine climbed a New York City bridge atop the East River to install a glowing neon babe enjoying a cocktail while overlooking traffic.

Today we're ogling the many bridges of the world, from the giddily intricate to the starkly minimalist. We asked some of our readers to send their best shots of the oh-so photogenic architectural bonds and the results are below. Enjoy the weekend with this collection of bridge-centric beauty.

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  • Photo thanks to <a href="" target="_blank">Love and Life Images</a>.
    Photo thanks to Love and Life Images.
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