Florida Mom Drives Car With 13-Year-Old Son On Hood, Police Say

A Florida mom has been charged with child abuse after she allegedly drove her car with her 13-year-old son clinging to the hood.

Bridget Garcia, 32, was arrested by Port St. Lucie Police around 9 a.m. Monday, when they responded to reports of a disturbance.

Authorities said that Garcia's son became angry that morning when Garcia took away his cell phone, NBC Miami reports. Following the argument, Garcia put her three other children in the car and began to pull out of the driveway. That's when the 13-year-old boy reportedly flung himself onto the vehicle.

Police say Garcia drove in reverse for approximately 200 feet, then put the car in drive and continued another 200 feet with her son on the hood, according to local news station WFLA. When Garcia came to a halt, her son fell off, police say.

The boy was hospitalized with injuries to his hip, foot and right knee.

Despite the accusations, Garcia says that she is a good parent.

"I'm a great mom and I take care of my kids," Garcia said upon leaving the St. Lucie County Jail on Tuesday, according to news station WPBF. "I'm a single mother and I do everything I can for them every day."