Bridget Moynahan Talks Tom Brady "Heartbreak," Single Motherhood

Actress Bridget Moynahan has broken her silence about her break up with Tom Brady in the July issue of Harper's Bazaar. She announced her pregnancy with Brady's son John (aka Jack) soon after the two broke up in late 2006, and gave birth last August. Brady now dates model Gisele Bundchen.

"I'm not sure anyone - and I could be wrong in this - grows up thinking, I want to be a single mom," Moynahan, 37, tells the magazine.

"When you're suddenly pregnant and no one is standing by your side, even if you're in your 30s, it's a hard conversation. I'm a traditional girl, and I believe in marriage, and I just always thought that's the way I'd be doing this. For a moment, it was hard for me to accept that this was the way I was going to have a family."

"I walk in and just started sobbing," she says of coming home alone with her son. "All of a sudden, you have this newborn you have no training for. It's frightening."

But she won't talk Brady.

"There's no reason why my son, years down the line, would need to read anything [personal] about his mother or his father."

As for her her social life. "It's brought higher-quality people into my life because whoever is going to be [with me] understands straight off the bat it's a package."

"Going through that traumatic time of being heartbroken and then being pregnant turned my whole life upside down and inside out and just knocked the wind out of me," says Bridget. "But now I have a child, and it's the best thing in the world."