Bridget Wismer, Delaware Mother, Tried To Sell Newborn For Trip To Disney World, Cops Say

Police say a Delaware mother of three attempted to sell her newborn baby for $15,000 so she could take her other two children to Disney World.

Bridget Wismer denies the allegations against her, claiming that her friend and alleged buyer, 54-year-old John Gavaghan, would be able to provide financial stability for her son, Christian, according to the Delaware News-Journal.

"I wouldn't just give my baby away and never see him," Wismer said, according to the paper. "I gave him to a friend."

Wismer currently lives in her mother's home along with her two sons.

The New Castle County Police Department began investigating the case on Sept. 4 after receiving a call from Wismer's grandmother claiming that the 33-year-old was trying to "sell her newborn son to a homosexual couple for $15,000 because she did not want the child," according to court documents.

Although the Wismer family has called the grandmother "confused," investigators say they have video evidence of the accused "signing an agreement to purchase the baby boy," NBC affiliate WDAM-7 reports.

Wismer and Gavaghan, both out on bail, are charged with dealing in children and conspiracy.

The child is now in foster care.