Bridging the Cultural Divide Through Mexican-Inspired Cuisine

This May will mark the 14th annual Taste of Mexico festival held by the Mexic-Arte Museum, the official Mexican and Mexican American Fine Arts Museum of Texas. Celebrating Cinco De Mayo with Mexican inspired cuisine, the Taste of Mexico festival is an Austin classic that is not to be missed.

Food might be the reason why people pay attention but the bridge between cultures is why people attend. In a city filled with a history known for segregating minorities to different parts of its city, the Latino and Mexican American history that once found a home in downtown Austin is there no more. The only cultural artifact that remains is the Mexic-Arte Museum.

With a mission to educate the public through the enrichment and preservation of Mexican, Latino, and Latin American art, the Mexic-Arte Museum uses funds collected from the Taste of Mexico festival to give back to its visitors through classes, tours, and free admission on Sunday and the entire month of December.

While Cinco De Mayo might already be a tradition that is celebrated by many, the Taste of Mexico festival offers a unique counter narrative to the celebration of Mexico's unlikely victory over the French in 1862, offering a celebration of cultural pride through food, and not a victory through war.

With samplings and tastings from over 30 award winning restaurants, music, and activities, the Taste of Mexico festival lives as an example of cultural preservation for years to come!

If you would like more information on the Taste of Mexican festival or the Mexic-Arte Museum visit