Bridging the Gap: Enrolling Employees Into Your Company Culture

You've worked hard to create a solid company culture. But without incorporating, and even more importantly, enrolling your employees into this culture, its benefits to the success of your business are moot. Studies show that employees work harder and produce better quality work when they are content with their position and company they work for. That's why it's so important that your company culture not only promotes this kind of work environment, but is something your employees feel a part of.

One of the most important actions of a business owner is setting a good example. In my experience, when a company's leadership embraces the company culture, they more effectively can encourage others to do the same. A business owner can embrace the company culture by leveraging the company's history, values and vision. Open communication is imperative to developing a strong company culture, and this should be incorporated into your enrollment regimen. I believe there are three key components to enrolling employees into a company's culture. They are:

Educating employees: Without a strong understanding of the past, employees can have a difficult time integrating themselves into the future of the business. Orientation is an effective and common tool to achieve this task. At College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving we enroll all new employees, from interns to franchise owners, into a training program we call "Hunk University." A company's orientation should be mandatory for all new team members - regardless of title or rank- as it gives employees the opportunity to understand where a business came from and how they can help build the future.

Promoting company values: Values set the tone for how business should be conducted. Your employees are your front line - if they can understand the company values, they will better understand their role in achieving success. Business leader and author Jim Collins suggests that the characteristics of your best employees will be the basis for your core values. In many ways, these values become a code of ethics often reflected by your happiest and most successful employees.

Partaking in the company vision: New hires and business veterans alike will be more likely to invest in a company's future if they are included in helping to build the company vision. Without input from employees, business owner can never have a full understanding of the business' intricate, important details. That's why it's necessary to encourage employees to contribute their ideas and suggestions on an ongoing basis. We continually seek feedback from our team members through our daily, company-wide conference call. Allowing employees to contribute to your company's future is an integral component of achieving success.

Taking the time to enroll employees into your company culture by teaching them the company's history, values and vision is an important ingredient to a successful business. Employees engaged in a solid company culture are not only happy employees, but successful employees, which will only positively impact the business. When you effectively enroll employees into your company culture, you encourage a happier workplace and are more likely to accomplish your company mission.