What It's Like When A Quarter Of The Students At A University Are Married (VIDEO)

College students across the country may be feeling a "cultural push" to stay single and engage in the so-called "hookup culture," but what's it like to attend a school where being married is totally normal?

Andrew McKinley and Samantha Varvel, married students who attend Brigham Young University, might feel out of place at other schools that are more party-centric. Yet, they're just another couple at BYU, where 25 percent of undergraduates are married.

That's partially attributable to the fact that BYU is one of the largest religious universities in the United States, meaning students are surrounded by people with morals and beliefs that line up with their own, Varvel said.

"[BYU students] share a similar religion, similar values, a similar outlook on what we want out of life," she said. "A lot of people really look at it as a unique opportunity to find someone who shares those values and who wants the same things in life, whereas once you leave BYU, there probably aren't going to be as many people like that to choose from."

Watch a highlight from the segment above or click here to see the full HuffPost Live conversation about what it's like to attend a college where a quarter of your cohort is married below.



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