Dubious Orange UFO Visits -- And Revisits -- Ohio House

"ET's have come to Earth from many different higher dimensions on other planets to help aid Humanity."

It's one thing when someone posts a UFO picture or video on YouTube for all the world to see and wonder if it's real or not. But it's another thing when that same person posts several such images, stretched out over a period of time, from the exact same location.

These repeaters, as they're often referred to, always run the risk of credibility issues when they claim to see and videotape UFOs over and over again -- and that seems to be the case here.

The individual who posted the YouTube video -- using the handle variation of Punky Doodle and Punkadodle Doodle -- has not responded to our request for comment, but the expert we spoke to thinks the only ones being punked were the people who were watching this.

On Aug. 17, the Newark, Ohio, resident posted the following video to YouTube that she videotaped the night before over her house:

The short description simply said it was a "red/orange UFO without sound filmed hovering over National Dr. for about 10 mins on 8/16/15 before disappearing."

Newark, Ohio, about 30 miles east of Columbus, is proudly hailed by its local government as "small town America." 

Doodle's YouTube page also shows several other similar UFO videos, all over the same house, all with no voice-over sounds besides the normal street background, and all showing the supposed UFO going in the exact same direction.

Here's a video from Aug. 7, which Doodle describes as a "slow moving UFO without sound filmed over Orchard and National Dr.":

And still another Doodle video, this one from June 22, with the description: "The silent, slow moving and hovering bright UFOs are back around my house! Filmed over National and Orchard 6/23/15."

After looking at all three videos, one might come away with the feeling they could have been shot on the same night.

 "I examined the video footage and noticed it was reddish-orange in hue," said Marc Dantonio, chief photo/video analyst of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which investigates worldwide UFO reports.

"When the camera zoomed in on the object, it didn't manage to refocus again and you clearly see the iris shape in the camera, which is a diamond. This is a common artifact that you can create using any bright star and a video camera," Dantonio told HuffPost.

Dantonio describes how the object seen in these videos flickers from what may be a possible flame source, "so it's not a satellite because it's moving too slow. And it's not a star because it is moving."

"Although strange circumstances can and do certainly happen, this particular case seems to be of a lowly Chinese Lantern. We didn't get to see what happened later to it and my guess is that the light died down as the flame fizzled out."

The following image shows (at left) one of the recent UFOs reported over Ohio, and (at right) a Chinese Lantern from a 2013 Taiwan festival.

Does it seem a coincidence that Doodle just happened to be outside across from her house on numerous occasions just at the right moments when these objects appeared in practically the same location?

With so many UFO videos under her belt, it's not a big surprise that Doodle suggests on her YouTube channel that "ET's have come to Earth from many different, higher dimensions on other planets to help aid Humanity. They work around the clock removing toxic chemicals and pollution from our environment and atmosphere. In a nut-shell, they are saving us from ourselves."

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