James Gunn's ‘BrightBurn’ Is A Superman Origin Story Reimagined As A Horror Film

The movie trailer explores what happens when a kid with superpowers isn't the good guy.

Most of us are familiar with Superman’s feel-good origin story at this point. An alien child lands on Earth, is raised by a human couple, and then grows up with special abilities he uses to help others. But that story doesn’t feel quite so good in the new film “BrightBurn,” which features an alien child who’s decidedly more sinister.

The James Gunn-produced flick stars Elizabeth Banks and David Denman as the Ma and Pa Kent of the story, a rural couple who are cosmically chosen to raise a super-powered kid. “BrightBurn” is directed by David Yarovesky and comes out Memorial Day, 2019.

The trailer is loaded with nods to 2013′s Superman reboot, “Man Of Steel,” including sweeping romantic shots of the heartland, the family mailbox, and waving clotheslines. And, of course, a kid in a red cape.