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Brighten Up Your Day With A Lemon Smoothie

This lemon smoothie is sunshine in a bottle! It's a healthy way to jolt yourself awake on a dreary morning.
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This lemon smoothie is sunshine in a bottle! It's a healthy way to jolt yourself awake on a dreary morning.


Well, it’s that time of year again where it’s just really, really hard to get out of bed. Now, I’m not normally a person who springs out of bed before dawn, ready to tackle the day, anyway. But this time of year, when it’s dark and cold, and there’s a 75% chance it’ll be gloomy all day even after the sun comes up? These days are brutal, man.

The only thing getting me out of bed lately is this “Sunshine in a Bottle” lemon smoothie. As you know, lemon is my favorite flavor, so it’s kind of like I’m waking up to my favorite food. Every single ingredient in this smoothie (well, except the ice) is engineered for maximal bright, zingy flavor and health benefits. That’s right, I engineered this smoothie. And hey, even the ice gives you some hydration!

Start with a scoop of low fat French vanilla yogurt to get your probiotics for the day, and create a subtly sweet, creamy base for this smoothie. Next, grab a big ol’ lemon and zest it into your blender, then squeeze in the juice.


Add a spoonful of honey for further sweetness that will counteract the bright acidic nature of the lemon. Honey will also give you a natural energy boost in the morning. Have some sore muscles from your workout yesterday? That’s what the fresh ginger is for. Ginger can be used as a natural pain reliever for muscle soreness. Finally we have a pinch of turmeric, which could help fight off a cold if needed!

I’m super excited about how flavorful, vibrant and healthful this smoothie is. I hope you enjoy starting your day with it just as much as I do!



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