Easily Brighten Your Whites With A Little Lemon Juice

Forget bleach -- this simple household item can do the trick.

Sure, lemons are a great way to freshen up your drinks, but did you know they can also help brighten your whites? Our friends at Real Simple found a great way use the citrus to launder your clothes naturally.

Simply add 1/4 or 1/2 cup of lemon juice to your cycle instead of bleach. Martha Stewart also recommends soaking white linens in hot water with the fruit to get fantastic results.

So, if you find that your favorite t-shirt or pants (hey, there are only so many months until Labor Day) are looking a little dull, reach for a few lemons and you'll be white hot in no time.

Head over to Real Simple for more information, and be sure to click through our slideshow for other great tips.

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