Brilliance Of The Seas, Royal Caribbean Ship, Tossed About In Mediterranean (VIDEO)

WATCH: Cruise Ships Wild Night In The Mediterranean

Barely a week after video of a cruise ship getting tossed about by waves in the Arctic hit the web, another cruise ship found itself in a similar situation in the Mediterranean, according to CBS News.

The 2,100-passenger Brilliance of the Seas was making its way to Alexandria, Egypt when large waves and heavy winds sent the boat rocking, according to USA Today.

An American passenger told CBS' "The Early Show" that it was a "horrifying" experience and that water had crashed through the ship's 10th floor windows, sogging passenger quarters.

Connecticut resident Justine Lovelace told her local news that: "It was a little scary on Saturday because the boat was rocking down and rocking back up, but you never knew how deep it was going to go. And then that Saturday night is when the boat almost went on its side."

Passengers awoke in the morning to find debris everywhere and the ship's 20-foot Christmas tree on its side.

WATCH the interviews below.

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