This Genius High Schooler Got Austin Mahone To Slide Into Her DMs

Persistence is key.

Kylie Melbourn may seem like your average high school student, but in reality, she’s a social media mastermind. The 17-year-old high school junior just got pop star Austin Mahone to direct message her on Instagram.

The best part? She didn’t even mean to.

Melbourn told BuzzFeed News that she uses Instagram to filter her photos before posting them on Twitter or Facebook. In order to easily save the pictures to her camera roll, Melbourn decided to DM them to a celebrity. She chose Mahone because she figured the singer would never see them.

Melbourn has been using this trick for years ― that’s right, YEARS ― without a response. Until now.

Last week, Austin Mahone finally replied to Melbourn’s DMs.

“Looking good Kylie 👍” Mahone wrote. “Thanks for sharing your favorite memories with me lol.”

Melbourn shared the exchange on Twitter, where everyone promptly lost their minds.

Melbourn says she sent Mahone a reply with a heart and her number. No word yet on whether these two have chatted offline.

Moral of the story? If you’re looking to connect with your favorite celebrity on social media, play the long con. Sometimes persistence pays off.