Brilliant 'It's Always Sunny' Fan Theory Gets Even More Support

This is even better than kitten mittens.

Despite what the title would have you believe, it’s not “Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Sometimes, it’s nighttime there. We know. Shocking.

But as crazy as that is, one fan theory suggests the show has been setting us up for an even bigger misdirection the whole time. And now the theory is getting support from Liam McPoyle himself, actor Jimmi Simpson.

The characters in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” don’t look like you think they do.

On the show, the characters maintain ridiculously high self-concepts despite consistent mishaps and a lack of success. Why do they remain unnaturally confident in themselves? According to a theory from Reddit user CraigsBenedict, this is because the group is full of unreliable narrators, and eventually it’ll be shown that they don’t look like we think they do.

Since “It’s Always Sunny” is often told through the point of view of Dennis, Mac and Dee, the Redditor explains that the show is about their “inner delusions” and “how they struggle to understand why they are not socially accepted the way they expect to be.” The theory speculates how the twist will be revealed:

In the final episode of Always Sunny, the bar will have to close and Frank will take a picture of Mac, Dennis and Dee for old time’s sake. Once the picture is shown, it is finally clear that all three of them look completely different from what we see as an audience. Mac has tiny arms, Dennis is not nearly as handsome as he thinks he is, and Dee still has severe back issues.

Is it possible? Well, Liam McPoyle thinks so.

Since there’s a disturbing amount of milk featured on his new show, “Westworld,” and Simpson’s character on “It’s Always Sunny” has an unnatural affinity for the drink, the topic of the show came up when Simpson sat down with The Huffington Post.

Simpson confirmed there was no connection between “Westworld” and “It’s Always Sunny,” despite the milk (bummer), but he did give his support to the theory.

The actor hadn’t heard about it before, but he was all for it. When asked if he thinks it could possibly happen, Simpson said, “Yes, yes I do. Now that you’ve explained it to me, I think that’s likely to happen. So I’m gonna say, ‘Likely.’”

It’s Always Sunny” has already been renewed through Season 14, and it’s only going on Season 12 now, so a reveal like this probably wouldn’t come for a while. But McPoyle is down, so there’s really just one thing left to do.

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