8 Brilliant Lighting Ideas You (And Your Home) Will Love

With cooler temperatures rolling in and days getting shorter, it's time make sure your home stays well-lit with something other than the natural light of summertime. While that may seem as easy as flipping a switch, there are some different tips and tricks that will give the lighting in your home the creative touch it's been waiting for all year long.

1. Play with height to make lights both decorative and functional.

2. Incorporate lights into your decor as a minimal accent.

3. Or, create an oversized statement piece that contrasts the rest of the room.

4. Mix and match fixtures by changing one element, such as shape, while color and height remain constant.

5. Incorporate several sources of lighting for a layered look.

6. Add mirrors that will reflect light and make a space appear larger.

7. Vary recess lighting with other fixtures to make a large room feel cozy and welcoming.

8. Get that glow from a fun, unexpected source.

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