2-Year-Old Vittora Cerioli Joins Mom, Licia Ronzulli, For Another Parliament Vote (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Is This Charming Or Unprofessional?

How old is too old?

To let your toddler play on the lawn in his skivvies?

To still use a bottle? Wear a bib? Need a nap?

Parents wonder, and also judge.

Back when Vittoria Cerioli was an infant, her mama, Licia Ronzulli brought the girl to work -- which just happens to be the floor of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where her mother is an Italian representative.

The first time, at the age of 6 weeks, resulted in charming photos of the baby asleep in a sling while her mother voted. There have been more visits since then, most of which also led to online expressions of awwwwwwww. (And a few suggestions that Ronzulli was trying to score political points, but mostly awwwwwwww.)

But now Vittoria is two, and when her photo appeared on the Daily Mail's website yesterday, wearing her own set of translation headsets and voting with her mother, there was more than a bit of complaining in the comments.

"They are debating important things and you should give these things your full attention," objected Casey Jones, of Surrey.

"I know she wants to prove a point by carrying her kid all the time but...parliament is her workplace and nobody should be allowed to bring his/her kin member to workplace," said Dev-D of Southampton.

"How unprofessional can you get?" said Dowling1981 from Belfast.

Is it unprofessional? Or is it a breath of fresh air? Was it also unprofessional when Vittoria was a newborn? If not, at what age would you draw the line?

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Vittoria Cerioli Grows Up