Bring #LoveWeek to Your Company!

Mindvalley is a progressive personal development company based in Malaysia. It is also one of the Most Amazing Company models that we featured in our newly released best selling book on employee engagement called Engage!

For the last three years, every week in the middle of February, they have declared it love week in light of Valentine's Day. Studies show that employees are more engaged and productive when they are happy and they have positive interactions at work. So Mindvalley has taken this to heart and created #LoveWeek. Now they are inspiring other companies to test it out as well.

Everyone in the company (or department or group--whatever may apply to your situation) selects a name that is kept secret. Then they do nice things for that person all week long. They are giving to their secret friend and they are also receiving from someone else but they don't know who it is either. This energizes the entire company to be giving and receiving kindness and love all week long.

Founder and CEO Vishen Lakhiani is on a mission to transform the way we do things and Mindvalley is his playground to test out new ideas before he shares them. Their culture is certainly one worth taking notice. Listen as Vishen shares his vision for doing this.