25 Things You Didn't Know You Could Bring On A Plane
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Everyone knows what you can't bring on a plane... but ice skates, hatchets and monkey wrenches?

Bring 'em on.

Turns out you can bring a much greater range of items onto a plane than you'd think, as shown in this enlightening guide from Cheapflights. Some surprising items -- like mini alcohol bottles and soccer cleats -- are allowed in carry-on bags, if they're packed according to Transportation Security Administration instructions. Other items -- like martial arts weapons -- are only permitted in your checked luggage.

No matter which bag you use for your offbeat items, note that you risk spending a little extra time at the security checkpoint if you bring them along . So pack smartly, and check both the official TSA guidelines and your airline's rules to make sure an item is approved before you haul it to the airport. Happy travels!


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