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Bring Passion With You Everywhere You Go

I suppose, like everyone, I want to make a difference. Starting my own line of products has helped me fulfill that.
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Have you ever stepped back and asked yourself, "Why do I do what I do? How did I get right here today (in my career, in this town, in these shoes, with this life)?" Some people ask themselves every day as they search inward for a better job, life, the right partner etc. They spend a lot of energy deciding what they want and how they will attract it. Then there are others who take life as it is dealt, are happy (or not) with their destiny, the opportunities and life they have, and spend much less time focusing, plotting and planning.

Both ways of living have benefits and limitations. I would barely scratch the layer in one blog post about the notion of free-will and whether it exists. So I won't! I've waffled back and forth from these mindsets at different times in my life. And, it's ultimately in the interlacing of the two that I have found peace and success.

So why this topic? Recently, a lovely, new friend asked me "why I am passionate about what I do," and "why I chose my profession." I went to open my mouth and realized (as I often do), that this wasn't going to be an "elevator" answer! I needed time to articulate this. To describe what I do is easy: I am the founder of a luxurious line of natural and organic skincare that is cruelty-free and also free of sulfates, parabens and poisons.

I suppose, like everyone, I want to make a difference. Starting my own line of products has helped me fulfill that. I love hearing happy stories and testimonials about eczema and acne clearing up, and skin feeling dewy, youthful and glowing. But, what I love even more is the feeling of freedom. I get to choose where I contribute, what organizations to get involved with, make my own hours, be present for my family, and it doesn't hurt that my skin has also never looked or felt better!

But why a career in wellness and beauty? I had many aspirations and jobs before. I was a brand manager for cable TV, a marketing executive for an online city guide, I founded a mini ad agency, tested the waters in acting, was a business student, (yadda, yadda, yadda), and most recently, and for the longest time was a stay at home mom raising 3 kids... See where I am going?! What I am getting at is that I am (and I imagine YOU are) a multi-passionate person, or "multi-passionate entrepreneur," like the business bad-ass, Marie Forleo, who reminds me to "bring my whole self to the business table." Check out her courses at

I've come to realize that it isn't solely the enthusiasm which I have for healthy skincare and being a long-time concoctor that brought me here, it's the desire for a positive, inspired, fulfilling and free life, and the ideas and opportunities that have presented themselves along the way as a result of taking passion with me whenever I could. I mean, I can totally think of other things I secretly want to be sometimes... like part of a dance troupe that travels with the DJ and hypes up the guests at a bat mitzvah, or the evil sister on a daytime soap (hello, "Days of Our Lives"), or a travel writer with my own show, a talk show host, a spin instructor, or a house flipper -- YES! Well, I guess my secrets are out there now. But, I embrace this "multi-dimensional me" and when I am truly feeling successful, I am bundling that collective bubbly spirit and bringing it to my growing business.

And, some days, I am scared sh*tless, and so I sit quietly, breathe and try like Bruce Lee to "flow like water" and allow that "let it be" mentality try to take over, hand it over to G-d or the Universe (or whatever your version may be). If all else fails, I go and have a full-on freak attack (and that's ok sometimes too). Right?

Maybe what we do is somehow predetermined, and maybe we will get to manifest all the things we dream about in this life (or another)? I don't know. Right now, I know I am sticking with skincare and trying to raise kind, confident kids. It's where my passion lies most. What about you? Are you spending your precious time (in this life) doing something that lights you up? Please share your dreams with me below (even the crazy ones)? Then ask yourself, if you are truly passionate about it, and you haven't done it, WHY the hell NOT? What's the worst that can happen? I mean, really there's always Plan B, C, D and E... If you are doing it, AWESOME! Please share that inspiration too!

Gilly xo

You can find my products at I am also a freelance writer and an ambassador for the utterly inspiring Shelley Zalis', The Girls' Lounge