Bringing Change to America: Spend, Spend, Spend!

Obama is expected to use his address to reassure us about the economic future, as Roosevelt did at his inauguration. However, Roosevelt didn't spend $50 million on his entrance to the White House!
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On January 9th, President elect Barack Barack Obama declared, "There is no disagreement that the economy is in dire straights. There is no disagreement that we need to create jobs." So the man famous for change sought to personally counter the job deficit by employing 432 staff members in his Presidential Inaugural Committee. Furthermore, Barack Obama has inadvertently created thousands of extra jobs in Washington DC during the Inauguration week. During the Inauguration week 58 law enforcement agencies have been employed to work on security, and extra staff hired for the parade, parties, ceremonies and local food catering industry.

Barack Obama was elected to the White House because he promised change. The question now is what kind of change?

Barack Obama's Inauguration plans already present change. While outgoing President George Bush's second Inauguration cost the United States $40 million, incoming President Barack Obama's will cost at least $50 million. An increase of 20% hitting a new high despite the current global economic crises.

Ironically, a further state of economic 'emergency' was declared by President George Bush who asked Congress for a further $1.5 million so that Washington DC can safely host the 2 million people expected to flock to attend the Inauguration.

Change has also already occurred among the American public. While America protested the cost of President George Bush's second Inauguration in 2005, most are content with the fact that this Inauguration will be the most expensive in American history.

But, is the lavish spending and extravagance planned for the Inauguration really the kind of change Barack Obama's supporters voted for? Working Americans are severely struggling under the economic downturn. Barack Obama is expected to use his Inaugural Address to reassure Americans about the country's economic future, just as President Theodore Roosevelt did at his Inauguration during the Great Depression. However, President Roosevelt didn't spend the equivalent of $50 million when celebrating his entrance to the White House! Conversely, President Roosevelt wasn't the first Afro-American President of the United States. This is the one and only redeeming factor about the 2009 Inauguration celebrations, but, is it worth $50 million?

Barack Obama has already proposed congress accept an economic recovery package plan that will cost at least $800 billion to the States. Ironically, the imposition of the plan is likely to be delayed at least a week further due to the disruption of the Inauguration.

Perhaps it's time America took a lesson from the British? When Gordon Brown became Prime Minister the day was marked by the shuffling of cardboard boxes and furniture from Number 11 to Number 10 Downing Street and PM Gordon Brown was requested to attend a private audience with the Queen. Both events were widely publicised. Both events were a symbol of celebration. Both events were sensitive to the current economic climate.

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