'Brisket Bandit' Strikes Again! This Time, He's Caught On Video

Texas has a beef with the so-called "Brisket Bandit."

In his latest heist, an unidentified man with a meaty moniker stole 13 smoked briskets and 10 cases of beer, according to a Facebook post by the victimized shop, Augie's Barbedwire Smokehouse in San Antonio.

The Brisket Bandit has allegedly hit three other area restaurants over the past few months, pilfering hundreds of dollars worth of brisket and pork products, News 4 San Antonio reports.

This time, the perp was caught on camera.

Security footage (above) shows a man in a white hat rifling through the smokehouse at about 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, then loading the meat and beer into a white van. The shop's owner, Augie Cortez, said that his smokehouse is staffed around the clock, but the Brisket Bandit struck during a shift change, according to KSAT.

"I feel for the guy -- obviously he has good taste," Cortez said.

Police are reportedly looking for the thief, who may have stolen 12 pork butts at The Smoke Shack, 200 pounds of brisket from B & B Smokehouse and 450 pounds of raw meat from Two Bros. Meat Market in January.



Caught On Camera