Bristol Palin On Good Morning America: Virginity Was 'Stolen' (VIDEO)

When her mother, Sarah Palin, was thrust into the spotlight as John McCain's vice presidential candidate, Bristol Palin had to come out with a secret, that she was about to be a teen mom. Now she's revealed her whole story in her book, "Not Afraid of Life," and there are plenty of surprises.

Bristol Palin doesn't accuse the father of her baby, Levi Johnston, of date rape, but does say she felt her virginity was stolen. She was drunk and to her, that's how it felt.

In the book, she refers to Levi Johnston as the "gnat" who is constantly "spreading false accusations about our family." When asked how her son might react to this description of his father when he grows up, Palin is not concerned. She says already he has less contact with Trip than he's entitled to.

Another revelation: between the time her engagement to Johnston was announced and the publication of the US Weekly interview revealing the engagement, Levi came home one day to tell her he might have gotten another girl pregnant. By agreement with the magazine, she was not allowed to say anything for two weeks.

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