We Probably Shouldn't Be Surprised That Bristol Palin Is Mad At Tina Fey

"It’s getting pathetic."

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but Bristol Palin isn't buying it.

Reacting to Tina Fey's latest impression of her mom, she said that the joke has become "pathetic."

Bristol called Fey's signature impersonation, which she performed on Saturday Night Live this week, "desperate."

"Saturday Night Live and Fey have been clinging to this impersonation a little too long," she wrote. "It’s getting pathetic. Its been 7 years! Are they desperate for content? Or just desperate for viewers?"

And since it's 2016, the mother of two also dissed Fey's appearance.

"I think my mom trumps her in the looks department," she said.

Read her full blog post here and check out Fey's impression below.

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