Bristol Palin: 'There's Something Even Better' Than Being A Palin

In a new blog post, Bristol Palin reflects on her identity - as a single mother, a Palin and a child of God. She writes:

Many times, people try to define me by my parents. I am Republican Sarah Palin’s daughter. Or, here in Alaska, I am Iron Dog champion Todd Palin’s kid. This is true – and I’m so proud of my family and my parents! But, there’s something even better.

Bristol goes on to talk about the struggles and rewards of being a single mom to son Tripp, 3, and reveal what the "something even better is":

But my true spiritual identity is even better than proudly wearing the last name of “Palin.” How much better is it that I’m a child of God?

In other words, I’m not so much a “Christian SINGLE PARENT,” I am a CHRISTIAN who for the time being is a single parent. Being a single mom is my situation, not my identity.

Tripp's father is Levi Johnston, who is expecting his second child with his new girlfriend. Bristol was "upset" to hear Levi will be a father again, and after news of the baby's name broke she shared a photo of Tripp on Facebook.