Bristol Palin's New Company: BSMP LLC, Public Relations Firm (VIDEO)

On Rachel Maddow's show Tuesday night, Maddow dug into some curious paperwork filed in Alaska last September by the 19-year-old Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah, mother of Tripp. The paperwork established Bristol Palin as the organizer of a new company called BSMP LLC. (BSMP is Palin's initials: Bristol Sharon Marie Palin).

According to the paperwork, the company "intends to provide lobbying, public relations, and political consulting services."

From Maddow's report:

[Palin's Lawyer] finally got back to us late this evening. He told us in an E-mail, quote, "The code for BSMP, LLC pertains to several areas but includes public relations. Bristol Palin provides public relations services and is currently an ambassador for the Candie`s Foundation.

The Candie`s Foundation is a pro-abstinence organization. Bristol Palin has essentially set herself up to be paid as an incorporated entity as opposed to being paid as an individual and that`s sort of a common choice people make when they have money coming in from various sources like this.

So BSMP, LLC, may just be a pretty smart financial decision by a very astute 19-year-old, or Bristol Palin is about to launch a lobbying and consultancy firm to run her mom`s 2012 presidential campaign. Theoretically possible, but probably not.

Close-ups on the paperwork, and more details here.


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