Former Britain Minister Bob Ainsworth To Argue For Legalization Of All Drugs

Top UK Official: All Drugs Should Be Legal

Britain's former Home Office minister and Defense Secretary Bob Ainsworth thinks all drugs, including heroin and cocaine, should be made legal in an effort to combat his country's substance-abuse problems.

According to The Independent, Ainsworth will argue before lawmakers that addicts should rely on prescriptions rather than the "international criminal gangs" who profit from the global drug trade. He is the UK's most senior official to make such a case.

The Independent reports that Ainsworth gave the following statement:

"We need to take effective measures to rob the dealers of their markets and the only way that we can do that is by supplying addicts through the medical profession, through prescription. We cannot afford to be shy about being prepared to do that."

He said: "It is far better they are going to a doctor, or going to a chemist and are getting their script [prescription] than turning tricks as a prostitute or robbing their mates."

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