Britain's 'Most Identical' Twins Ruby And Pearl Day (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Britain's 'Most Identical' Twins -- How Alike Do They Really Look?

Don't feel too bad if you find yourself doing a double take at these photos of Ruby and Pearl Day -- they've even been able to trick their boyfriends.

And now the 18-year-old identical twin sisters from East London are taking their synchronicity to a national level, having beat out 29 other sets of siblings for the title of Britain's Most Identical Twins. Sponsored by Cadbury, the competition's winners will also spearhead a new campaign for the company's Wispa Duo chocolates.

"People at school were always muddling us up, and even now at college some people confuse us," Ruby told reporters. True to form, the girls -- who share a bedroom at home -- are currently attending college where they are both studying performing arts, and will have cameo roles in the final "Harry Potter" film. "We're so alike we're even able to trick our boyfriends as to who's who - but we quickly correct them if they're wrong!"

According to reports, the twins were judged on a series of challenges designed to emphasize both physical features as well as personal similarities. But are the Day sisters really that identical? Are the twins who judged the competition any better? See for yourself here:

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