British Accents And The Hollywood Actors Who've Attempted Them (VIDEO)

Hollywood Actors Who Have Attempted The Accent

"One Day," Anne Hathaway's "Bridget Jones' Diary" is barely out yet, and already the sharks are circling. The critics, those bloodless keyboard-tappers, are more concerned with Anne's accent than the actual movie, and the consensus is that it (the accent) is bad. (Although we beg to differ. Read our defense of The Accent .) But all is not lost for Anne. In attempting to impersonate our long-lost cousins, she joins a long line of reputable actors (plus Kevin Costner) who've tried the brogue and sometimes failed. Marble-mouthed and full of guv'nors, they are asking to be judged. So do your duty, citizens! Judge them as you would judge a monkey attempting sign language. First up for your consideration: The One Who Has Already Failed.

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