British artist Endless unveils his new solo exhibition "Worship"

Taking a cold, hard look at our need to own every piece of an “experience”—be it love, sex, religion—all the milestones of a so-called life. Whether born into privilege or not – everyone wants a piece; to say I belong.

Having followed Endless’ development both on social media and on the streets of London made the occasion of attending his solo exhibition at Graffik Gallery all the more exciting. Viewing his works in a uniform, flowing space only added to the message of Endless’ scathing critique on our obsession with labels, iconography, sex, religion and fashion.

London’s fashionable set was in attendance- after all this is their “world.” (Hopefully they got the joke – even though they were mostly being sent up). The oohs and aahs reverberating around Graffik only served to prove that holding a mirror – even a most unflattering one – will still attract a crowd.

The pray-play-and-pay generation love to revel in their “self-awareness” with a sort of ..”Oh I know people like this, but that’s sooo not me.” Perhaps this was also made easier with the generous offering from 808 Whisky! Nonetheless, it has to be said- Endless’ genius lies in capturing such nuances with just enough humour and irony that everyone feels like they are in on the joke.

Stand-out pieces are the now classic Calvin Classic soldiers, Lizzy Vuitton and the killer Fashion Magazine. Of course the night would not have been complete without our other reigning Queen Supreme – Daniel Lismore. Starring in several pieces along with a video feature, which held us in awe -looking up in reverence as he held court in various vignettes.

The collaborations with Gilbert and George only served to cement Endless’s reputation as one to watch. Always fresh, always something to say. Endless.

We were there to worship- and I, for one, left a believer.

Written by Sonya Laswed

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