You Have To Watch This British Boy Find Out His Mom Is Pregnant

It really doesn't get much cuter than this.

When U.K. mom Sarah Bromby told her 5-year-old son Ethan that she's having another baby, the little boy had the kind of enthusiastic reaction every parent dreams of.

"I'm going to be a new big brother!" Ethan exclaims in a sweet video Bromby shared on Facebook. "He can sleep in my bed if you want," he adds.

Ethan also asks his mom if the baby is currently in her belly, and despite the ultrasound photos she shows him, he remains a tad skeptical. "Is it really in there?" he asks repeatedly. "Is it really coming?"

Still, the adorable little boy ultimately decides to accept the news as fact and so overjoyed he can't help but spread the word. "I'm going to tell my teacher!" he says.

"He told a couple of people that day! Even random people at the shops!!" Bromby wrote in a comment on the video, which has almost one million views.

That adorable face. That sweet little British-accented voice. That endearing enthusiasm. It's all too much to handle!

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