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Finally, A Simple Guide To The Brits' Weirdly Named Cakes

Banbury, Eccles, Jaffa, Dundee, there are so many great ones to discover.

The British are revered for many things, but it's their cakes that are truly something to celebrate. For one, many of them highlight currants -- a fruit that doesn't get enough recognition in most other countries. Two, they have the best of names -- lemon drizzle, bakewell tart, we could go on and on. And three, there are SO many of them. See for yourself in this beautiful infographic made by Flokkcreative.

We love so many of these cakes, but there are a few that really stand out, like the Battenburg. It's a fun, checkered sponge cake that comes in two colors, is held together by strawberry jam and covered with marzipan. (Yum.) Then there's the Jaffa cake, a cookie-sized confection topped with orange jelly and a layer of chocolate. And let's not forget the lardy cake (which wins a prize for having the best name); it's made with layers of dough baked together into a sugary sweet mess. Worth a trip over the Atlantic for sure.

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