10 Bizarre And Hilarious Moments In The British Election Campaign

British voters on Thursday will participate in the closest national election in decades, ending months of political campaigning that at times veered into the absurd.

The two main parties, Labour and Conservative, remain neck-and-neck in the polls. If neither wins a majority of seats in Parliament, they will need to gain the support of smaller parties, which range from Scottish nationalists to vehement Eurosceptics, to form a government.

There are serious issues at stake in the election. The Conservatives have promised a referendum on whether to stay in the European Union. The future of the union between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland -- the countries in the United Kingdom -- is under intense debate after last year’s unsuccessful Scottish independence referendum.

Yet, the election campaign has not been short of comic moments. The party leaders -- including Labour's Ed Miliband and Conservative leader and current Prime Minister David Cameron -- have been heaped with ridicule, and sometimes thoroughly earned it, in the build-up to the 2015 election.

1. Even children tire of David Cameron

And he's not even reading from his campaign manifesto.

2. Edward Miliband vows that his election promises are carved in stone

Did he take it all a bit too literally?

3. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg goes bowling ...

He should probably show off at a sport that he’s actually good at.

4. ... While Miliband plays pool

Maybe he shouldn't be so shocked when he is actually good at it?

5. Cameron tells us how he really feels

The prime minister accidentally called the election 'career defining,' instead of 'country defining,' at a campaign event in Yorkshire.

6. Miliband became the least likely sex symbol of all time

He was regularly compared to cartoon character Wallace from "Wallace & Gromit." He was incessantly teased for making gaffes, being clumsy and looking weird.

Then, something strange happened. Miliband grew a huge female fan base, which recast him as a nerd-chic hero and lovable underdog, and #Milifandom was born. (Unfortunately for Miliband, the teenager who started the craze is not old enough to vote, and her parents support the Conservatives.)

7. Miliband even got mobbed by a hen party

So this is the British version of the bachelorette party.

8. But his party’s attempt to woo women voters fell pretty flat

Female Labour politicians took a bright pink minibus on tour to reach female voters "around the kitchen sink." Definitely not patronizing. Not at all.

9. The bacon sandwich-eating contest

After Miliband earned widespread ridicule last year for his inelegant eating of a bacon sandwich, the other party leaders tried to prove they could do it better.

First, Clegg had a go.

Then, U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage thought he’d show how it's done.

Cameron decided not to risk a mess, and tackled a hot dog with a knife and fork -- earning even more ridicule.

10. The tough-guy contest

Miliband offers fighting talk on Britain’s Channel 4 television.

Clegg tells British radio that he pictures Labour finance chief Ed Balls when kickboxing.

Cameron brags to a bunch of kids about using martial art jiujitsu on UKIP leader Farage, but then tells the adults he was just joking.

All of which is summed up perfectly in this mash-up by the BBC’s "Newsnight" program: