British Kids Provide The Most Adorable Takedown Of Donald Trump

The kids were interviewed for Chelsea Handler's late-night show on Netflix.

George Washington had to have been the American President most hated by the British, but Donald Trump may giving the first president a run for his continentals (“continentals” being a term for dollars in Washington’s young country).

According to a poll by The Guardian around the time of Trump’s inauguration, around 50 percent of British responders believed that Trump was “dangerous.” A GFK poll later found that around 60 percent of Brits disapproved of his presidency. This still tracks with the nearly 60 percent of Americans who currently disapprove of President Trump’s job performance, according to Gallup.

Given this, it makes sense that it wouldn’t be hard to find a group of British kids with negative opinions about Trump. And as British children have British accents, such a group would also inevitably be strangely cute.

“I know he doesn’t like people with brown skin.”

- Charlie, a British kid referring to Donald Trump

For a “Chelsea” episode that will air on Netflix this Friday, Chelsea Handler visited England and successfully interviewed British children about the American president.

Most notable in this clip provided exclusively to HuffPost was a kid named Charlie, who first responded to Handler’s question, “What do you know about Donald Trump?” with the line, “Well, for start, he’s got an orange face.”

Then Charlie pivoted.

“I know he doesn’t like people with brown skin.”

“That’s right,” Handler responded. “You know what that’s called?”

Another kid started ooh-ing and tried to get Handler’s attention. After he raised his hand, the kid matter-of-factly answered, “Racism.”

Never have you seen a more adorable takedown of the president. Stephen Colbert might be nuanced and biting in his attacks, but he’ll now need to get a British accent and reverse his age a few decades to compete in the anti-Trump late-night arena.

Here’s Handler with the group of kids:

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