This British Pundit Just Ate A Book On TV Because This Year Isn't Weird Enough

The Labour Party won big and Matthew Goodwin is a man of his word.

A British political pundit lived up to his promise to eat his own Brexit book after making an incorrect prediction on the U.K.’s general election this week.

Matthew Goodwin, a politics professor at the University of Kent, appeared on Sky News on Saturday to make good on his vow. It followed him betting in a Twitter post that the U.K.’s Labour Party, under Jeremy Corbyn, would not even receive 38 percent of the vote. It instead ended up exceeding his expectations, receiving 40 percent.

So, he swallowed his pride ― and what may have been a few pages ― during his live TV appearance.

“I am a man of my word, so what I’m gonna do is sit here, and eat my book, while you guys carry on,” he told the host before proceeding to rip out a few pages of his book on last year’s Brexit vote.

Viewers went wild in response, many amazed at his sincerity and others insistent that he wash it all down (while offering tips to help).