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5 Ways The Brits Make Tea That Americans Should Adopt, Too

In a country where "tea" has come to mean an XL fast-food sugar bomb, things have clearly gotten out of hand.

So maybe we should learn a thing or two from the Brits? Our friends across the pond know a thing or two about making tea, and dare we say, are a bit better at brewing the beverage than Americans. (After all, tea is pretty much their national beverage.) This video from Anglophenia explains how it's done, with true British snark. When Brits make the perfect "cuppa"...

1. They start with freshly boiled water, NOT microwaved.

Boiling in either a kettle or a regular old pot will do.

2. They steep tea for precisely two to five minutes, instead of "however long they feel like it."

Exactly how long you steep depends on preference, the Brits say, but stay within the two to five minute window. When brewing at home, Brits tend to prefer tea bags to loose-leaf teas.

3. They add milk.

If you brew your tea in a pot, add milk to the cup before pouring the tea. If you brew in a cup, add milk after. It's science.

4. And often, they add sugar for ultimate decadence.

For an authentic British builder's brew, add sugar like workmen and tradesmen do.

5. They dunk biscuits, not cookies.

Dunk a biscuit -- aka a "less sweet cookie," such as a digestive -- in your tea for total British umami. Cheerio!

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