UK Twitter Users Really Want Barack Obama To Be Their Prime Minister

"I would personally row a boat across the Atlantic to go and collect him."

Some folks across the pond want Barack Obama to move out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and into 10 Downing Street.

Last week, British Twitter exploded with people asking President Obama to come to the United Kingdom and become their prime minister:

The surge in posts even inspired a hashtag, #ObamaForPM.

Obama hasn’t been specific about his 2017 plans. But it seems he might return to his political roots and focus on communities.

“I’ll go back to doing the kinds of work that I was doing before, just trying to find ways to help people,” he told middle-schoolers last year, as reported by USA Today. “Help young people get educations, and help people get jobs, and try to bring businesses into neighborhoods that don’t have enough businesses. That’s the kind of work that I really love to do.”

The Obama family plans to stay in Washington, D.C., until Sasha, their younger daughter, finishes high school. The family will rent a swanky house in D.C.’s posh Kalorama neighborhood. So a move to London, at least at the moment, doesn’t seem likely.

But hey, if Donald Trump could become president, then anything could happen, right?



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