British Woman Jailed In Dubai After Reporting Rape Claims She Was Forced To Drop Charges

A British woman who alleges she was arrested in Dubai after reporting her rape by a local waiter has told The Sun that she was forced to drop the charges.

The 23-year-old had been celebrating her engagement at the Address Hotel when she was allegedly followed into the bathroom by a waiter who proceeded to rape her while she was semi-conscious. According to reports, she and her husband were arrested for pre-marital sex and consuming alcohol after trying to report the incident.

In the interview with The Sun, the unnamed woman says "My life's in ruins." She alleges that charges against her and her husband were dropped only after she signed a statement saying she had not been raped.

She names other details, including that she was denied the morning after pill, and that after being released from jail she kept pills in her handbag so she could commit suicide if sent back. She says that she is now separated from her 44-year-old fiance.

The Times of London had previously reported that the sexual charges against the couple were dropped after they produced evidence of a Muslim religious marriage ceremony that was held in November, several months before the alleged rape.