Britney: Are You Serious?

I simply do not understand how a woman like this can not lose custody of her kids. Please take her kids away from her and let them be raised properly.
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Let me start by stating the obvious: Britney Spears is a train wreck. Not only is she losing her mind but endangering the lives of her two young sons. Children are not those little dogs celebrities buy. They are not something that should be pawned off on assistants and sitters on a daily basis. Children should be loved and shown affection. But if you are Britney they seem to be whatever she wants, even symbols.

I say this because I just caught wind that she actually tried to whiten their teeth recently. I want to believe a rumor like this is false but with that crazed woman I can never be sure. I honestly just find it so hard to believe that she thinks she is being a caring mom. Kevin Federline, the person everyone doubted as a parental figure from the start is now proving to be the responsible parent. At least someone is looking out for these two children. I mean c'mon...Britney is a MESS! Children at that age can be very impressionable and role-model behavior is of utmost importance from a parent.

How awful it must be to have your moms private parts spread all over the internet. The thing that gets me is...I actually believe she likes it and does this on purpose for attention. Terrible! These instances of bodily flashing have happened more than three times. That is un-excusable behavior and not the actions a true mother should be displaying. Britney is clearly incapable of raising a child than again two young boys. Why would she have kids under the age of 25 if she still wants to go out and party all the time? Why have kids when you clearly are not even responsible enough to maintain your personal life and career? It just does not add up and I feel horrible for her Sean and Jayden (her sons).

Someone please take her children away from her. Since all this mayhem has happened, her now divorced husband Kevin has not once been in the spotlight for doing something stupid. Not once have you heard about him feeding his babies soda in their bottles or trying to whiten their teeth. Not once have you seen a photo of Kevin walking alone while all his assistants hold and take care of the children so he can smile and wave at paps. And do not hear about how Kevin is dating the whole world. Britney is acting like quite a "garden tool" if you ask me. What kind of child wants their mom running around with a new man every week? Gross...

Britney puts herself to shame. Mothers should speak out against her. Children should speak out against her. Can a judge please take her children away before she seriously harms them? I only see this situation getting worse as Britney continues to down spiral. I simply do not understand how a woman like this can not lose custody of her kids. Britney makes me sick. Please take her kids away from her and let them be raised properly.

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