Britney Spears Says 'Baby' And 'Crazy' A Lot (VIDEO)

Remember the first time we heard Britney Spears forever redefine the word "baby"? We now have every time she has redefined it. Some genius made a supercut of all the times anyone, ever, has said the words "crazy" and "baby" in a Britney Spears song -- in chronological order -- and we've officially fallen under the "crazy baby" spell. You'd think it would drive you, for lack of a better word, crazy, but we're completely entranced by hearing these two words Britnified on repeat. Just try to stop listening to 'BABY BABY BABY CRAZY CRAZY BABY MALFUNCTION' as we're calling it.

Our favorite "baby" moment comes at the 2:12 point:

(via Buzzfeed)