Britney Spears Body Double Casting Notice Reveals Singer's Exact Measurements

Britney Spears is reportedly looking for a body double for her next music video, and it could be you if you can measure up to the pop star.

HollywoodLife claims to have obtained a casting notice seeking a body double for the singer, and the ad reportedly reveals the singer's exact measurements:

“Looking for a body double for Britney Spears. Please only submit if you have these measurements or are very close to them all. Height 5’4″, 130 lbs., 32C-27′-35′, dress size 4, shoe size 7.”

If the ad is real, it wouldn't be the first time the singer is said to have used a body double. In 2007, now-defunct Blender magazine put out a call for a double to pose for photos reminiscent of Bert Stern's photograph of Marilyn Monroe in bed for The Last Sitting:

We are casting for a Britney Spears body double. You must have shoulder to medium length blonde hair. This person must also be in shape! 5' 2" to 5' 5". This will be a take-off of a Bert Stern photograph of Marilyn Monroe in bed, from the last shoot before her death. Your face will not be shown in the final photograph/cover. The model must be aged 18 to 25 and will be paid $500 to pose either on December 14 or the 17.

When Spears' cover hit the stands in January 2008, the magazine was completely upfront about the fact that her body was courtesy of photoshop magic, writing: "Truthiness alert: This cover image is a composite photo. Britney did not pose for the picture. That, sadly, is not her body."

Just last month, the question of exactly what Spears' body really looks like made headlines again, after reports surfaced claiming the singer's figure was photoshopped to look thinner in her video for "Work Bitch."

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