Britney Spears Says Visit To Doctor Discouraged Her From Breast Implants

The pop star wrote on Instagram that recent weight loss led her to ponder a "boob job."

Britney Spears said Thursday she visited a doctor for a “boob job” consultation ― but decided against the surgery before she even met the physician.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the singer wrote that her breasts got smaller when she lost seven pounds in recent months, making her curious about cosmetic enlargement. (See the full post below.)

To keep the office visit a secret, the “Toxic” singer said she had to walk up eight flights of stairs. “They want you to die before you make it there !!!” she joked.

Once she reached the doctor’s office, she found no one there to let her in. After 15 minutes she gave up.

“Fuck that!!!” she wrote. “I’ve never been back.”

The Grammy-winning pop star was emancipated last year from a restrictive conservatorship under her father, Jamie Spears. In her Instagram post, she slammed him for body-shaming her when she performed, and admitted that in the past she bought into “societal objectifications” of women.

That’s now changed, she declared. “If you are happy and have good energy, you are 100% attractive,” she wrote.

Her post also took swipes at men who get nose jobs and her family for what she said was “the medicine they put me on.”

“I think I’m finding myself 3 years later and that’s okay!!!” she wrote. “Learn to fucking love yourself!”

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