Britney Spears Says She Accidentally Burned Down Her Home Gym

The pop star gave a breathless account of the blaze that started with two candles.

This wasn’t the kind of burn Britney Spears strives for in her workouts.

The “Toxic” singer said on Instagram Wednesday that she accidentally torched her home gym, leaving just two pieces of equipment unscathed. No one was hurt. (See the video post below.)

“Hey, guys! I’m in my gym right now. I haven’t been in here for, like, six months, because I burned my gym down unfortunately,” she said in the clip. “I had two candles, and yeah, one thing led to another, and I burned it down.”

“But it could be much worse so I’m grateful,” she wrote in the caption.

The pop star then transitioned into a workout involving dumbbells, pushups and yoga.

TMZ threw water on Spears’ characterization of the fire. The gossip outlet, citing “people in Brit’s world,” said it was told there was a candle incident, but it was “nothing as disastrous” as she described.

At least she appears recovered from her broken foot.

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