Britney Spears Compares Her Niece To Miley Cyrus (In A Good Way)

Tongue wags for all, and all for tongue wags.

We don’t know what’s more surprising. That Britney Spears actually remembers who a celebrity is or that she didn’t do a tongue pop. Okcurr? 

Either way, this photo of Brit and her young niece, Lexie, the daughter of her brother Bryan, is all too adorable. In the Instagram posted on Thursday, the Spears girls stick their tongues out for the camera à la a beneficiary of Spears’ pop legacy, Miley Cyrus.

“Miley Cyrus in the making 😜,” she captioned the cute snap. 

Miley Cyrus in the making 😜

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For those who find the comparison surprising, Cyrus and Spears actually have a longstanding friendship that stretches all the way back to when Miley was still Hannah and Britney was, well, Britney. 

In 2009, Cyrus presented Spears with The Ultimate Choice Award (it’s a thing) at the Teen Choice Awards, describing the pop princess as her personal “hero.”

Their connection has apparently only strengthened throughout the years, as the two regularly share love on social media. When Miley released her hit single “We Can’t Stop,” Britney promoted it on her own account, asking Cyrus to teach her how to twerk sometime. 

Then, she defended Cyrus’ controversial performance of the song at the VMAs. 

And only four months ago, Spears reposted a photo of Cyrus perfecting a yoga pose for #WCW, basically shouting from the social media rooftops.

Yes!! #goals #wcw

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Pop icon solidarity. 



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