Britney Spears Shreds Diane Sawyer Over Teary 2003 Interview: 'I Was A Baby'

The pop singer suggested she was forced to speak to the longtime ABC journalist against her will at the time. "She can kiss my white ass," she declared.

If you thought Britney Spears had forgiven Diane Sawyer for that controversial 2003 interview, well, think again.

The increasingly outspoken pop star tore into Sawyer on Instagram this week, suggesting she was forced to speak to the longtime ABC journalist against her will 18 years ago.

“Do we dare forget the Diane Sawyer interview in my apartment almost 20 years ago?” Spears wrote in the since-deleted post, which was captured for posterity by a number of outlets and on social media. “What was with the ‘You’re in the wrong’ approach?? Geeze... and making me cry???”

“I was a baby,” she added. “I was almost 22 and didn’t understand ... but I fucking know now.”

Archival footage of Sawyer’s interview with Spears was featured in “Framing Britney Spears,” a New York Times documentary released in February that probed the singer’s legal woes.

In at least one segment, Sawyer appears to suggest that Spears was responsible for her 2002 split from fellow pop star Justin Timberlake.“He has pretty much said you broke his heart,” the journalist told Spears — who visibly teared up at several points during the segment — at the time. “You did something that caused him so much pain, so much suffering. What did you do?”

Though Spears didn’t address that question specifically, she did refer to another point of reference in the Sawyer interview that touched on her 2002 single, “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.”

“She said ‘a woman or a girl,’” Spears recalled. “I would like to say now, ‘Ma’am I’m a catholic slut!!!!’ You wanna join me at a mass and I can serve your husband my certificate on shopping for anonymous players???’ I should spend a thousand dollars if I want every day of my life and she can kiss my white ass.”

As to speculation over whether Spears will soon resume her performing career, it doesn’t sound as if fans should get their hopes up.

“My first three years in the biz and on the road were great,” she wrote, “but I’ll be completely honest and say that after those three tours and the pace I was going ... I don’t think I ever want to do it again !!!”

Sawyer has to comment publicly on Spears’ remarks. A representative for ABC News did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

Last month, Spears was legally released from a 13-year conservatorship that had previously granted her limited authority over her personal and financial affairs. In recent weeks, the singer has used social media to address her family, fellow pop stars and media scrutiny over her private life.

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