Britney Spears, Ellen DeGeneres Dance 'Gangnam Style' With Korean Rapper PSY (VIDEO)

Britney, Ellen & PSY Dance To 'Gangnam Style'

Ellen DeGeneres invited Korean rapper PSY onto her show to teach Britney Spears the "invisible horse dance" from the K-pop sensation's ultra-viral mega-hit, "Gangnam Style." The result? An object lesson in feel-good hilarity that can only occur when international stars collide.

"The mindset of this dance is to dress classy and dance cheesy," PSY advised, approving of Spears' attempt to do the limber dance in high heels. While her wardrobe didn't make it easy, she gave it a good shot.

DeGeneres, ever the cheerleader, took to the invisible horse a little more naturally.

PSY, whose real name is Park Jae Sang, recently signed to Justin Bieber impresario Scooter Braun's Schoolboy Records.

The "Gangnam Style" video's off-the-wall situations and choreography have earned PSY Internet fame, and this appearance on "Ellen" will likely solidify his mainstream appeal.

However, the rapper's subversive flamboyance has gotten him in trouble in his native South Korea in past years. PSY's first album got him fined and his second was banned for what authorities called "inappropriate content," the Atlantic notes.

As of Tuesday afternoon, "Gangnam Style" had more than 144 million views on YouTube.

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