Britney Spears' Father Asks Conservatorship Judge For More Money

It's been five years since a judge placed Britney Spears under conservatorship of her father, Jamie Spears, giving him control of her career, personal life and finances -- and now he's asking for more money.

Court documents obtained by RadarOnline detail the amounts Jamie has been paid to look after his daughter, and what he believes he needs going forward.

“I continue to perform services to protect and care for Britney’s person and to administer her estate in good faith and in her best interests,” Jamie writes in a petition filed on Oct. 15 in Los Angeles. “I continue to have significant oversight duties relating to her visitation with her children.”

According to his petition, Spears' father is already paid $16,000 each month for those duties and is now asking a judge to increase his compensation. RadarOnline reports he currently also receives $1,200 each month to pay rent for his office space that is a "secure location that is dedicated to Britney’s activities," but says that as "rent has steadily escalated over the last three years," he has asked to be authorized to spend $2,000 each month accordingly, to be retroactively reimbursed for the amount of $7,200.

Spears' father is only asking the judge to increase funds for rent on his office, but keep in mind he makes $192,000 per year to look after his daughter -- money, which is paid by his daughter's estate. That works out to Jamie banking almost $1 million over the past five years, which given Britney's estimated $220 million fortune, doesn't seem particularly exploitative.

And Britney is still raking in the big bucks -- though it sounds like someone is watching her budget. According to documents obtained by TMZ, the 31-year-old's conservatorship raked in nearly $14 million in 2012, and spent $6.8 million.

Now that Britney has signed on for her Las Vegas residency she will remain under the conservatorship for at least another two years, and while the pop princess has been doing well under her father's watchful eye, there's also no denying that Britney is a money making machine. And somehow we can't kick the feeling she'd rather just be raising her kids in the Valley. At least she'll get to take a break sometime around 2016.

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