Britney Spears Pranks A Sleeping Jimmy Kimmel With A Bedside Performance Of 'Make Me'

Where do we sign up for Britney-grams?

Britney Spears should just ditch this whole pop superstar thing and permanently travel across the world, Santa-style, surprising fans at night with shirtless backup dancers and impromptu performances.

Do you know how much that would have meant to us at 13 years old 16 years old 24 years old ANY AGE?!

But Jimmy Kimmel was the lucky recipient of this Britney-gram, when the singer broke into the late-night host’s house in the middle of the night to give the famous prankster a taste of his own medicine.

If you remember, Rihanna pulled a similar stunt last year when she treated an unprepared Kimmel to a bedside rendition of “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

But Britney took it to the next level (with the permission of Kimmel’s wife) by gifting Kimmel an intimate performance of her new single, “Make Me,” while writhing around his bed with shirtless dudes. 

Before anything gets too PG-13, Spears and her dancers let Jimmy rest, leaving him to decide whether the prank was a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare.

(The answer is obviously a sweet dream.) 

Spears’ new album, “Glory,” hits shelves Aug. 26. 



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