Britney Spears Declares Love Of Latinos In Controversial Comments (VIDEO)

Britney Spears loves Latinos, but her father might not.

In a recent interview on Univision’s “Despierta América," the pop star offered her opinion about Latinos in comments that some are criticizing as stereotypical.

When asked what she like most about Latinos, Spears said:

I think it’s very sexy. I’ve always loved Latinos. They make me think of the typical “bad boy” type that your father wouldn’t let you go out with.

Bloggers and entertainment news sites were quick to pounce on Spears, with the International Business Times dropping the word "racist" in a headline about the interview. Blogger Perez Hilton took a more nuanced, but highly enthusiastic approach, writing:

Aye dios mio, chica - what are you saying?

We realize the hot-blooded Latino male is a super prevalent stereotype, but you can't judge people based on their ethnicity! Or skin color, sexual orientation, nationality, language, or even by their favorite member of One Direction!

You just can't do it, Brit!

He reminded the pop star that all people are "beautiful snowflakes!!!"

Britney's comments, however, didn't appear to bother the Univision correspondent. He followed up by asking what her ideal man would be and hammed it up for the camera when she said those who “talk like you.”

Asked if she speaks any Spanish, Spears responded by spouting off three seconds of percussive gibberish.

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