No True Britney Spears Fan Should Be Satisfied With Cringeworthy 'Make Me' Music Video

She can do so much better.

This is the reaction we should have when Britney Spears drops a music video. 

This is the reaction we had to “Make Me.”

Spears has done it again (not in the good way) with a new music video for the lead single off her highly anticipated ninth studio album “Glory” ... and it’s underwhelming. 

Look, we aren’t expecting Brit to deliver masterfully constructed “Usual Suspects”-style plotting, but “Make Me” leads us to believe that ... what? Britney has organized an audition for her music video, in order to select and seduce the hottest of the bunch while her friends watch on? Someone alert HR. 

In the midst of an endless barrage of product placements, signature Britney body rolls and abs, abs, abs, the pop diva dances (a loose term) in a hallway, styling some truly unfortunate fashions. 

This is the same woman who’s given us legendary videos like “Toxic,” “Lucky” and “Me Against the Music.” Britney and her fans deserve so much better. 

Watch the “Make Me” video below: 



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