Britney Spears Took Her Mom To See Male Strippers And This Is What Happened

Just another Spears family outing.

For most people, the prospect of watching male strippers with your parents falls on the “uncomfortable” scale somewhere between that time you accidentally screened “Caligula” for family movie night and when your dad insisted on chaperoning senior prom.

But most people don’t gyrate in beaded bikinis in Vegas three times a week, so maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Britney Spears took her mom to see a strip show on Friday night.

The pop star and her mother, Lynne, stopped by the all-male dance revue Thunder From Down Under in Las Vegas to experience all the shirtless goodness that Australia had to offer. By the looks of the Spears’ social media activity after the performance, the two had a damn good time. 

In one Instagram captioned “Just a night off in Vegas,” Spears looks up toward a dancer with her hands clasped over her face in what we can only assume is a mix of pure ecstasy and embarrassment. 

Just a night off in Vegas

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Spears and her mother posed in a line of the shirtless performers in another photo that should most definitely be framed and placed on the family mantle. 

Girls night out with the boys from down under 😍

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For a better picture of their girls’ night out watch this exclusive Perez Hilton video of a clearly mortified Spears watching one hunk do his thing to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.”

Vegas trip, anyone? 



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